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What are essential oils?

Essential oils are aromatic organic compounds found in the seeds, roots, stems, leaves, flowers and bark of plants. They are called ‘essential’ in that they contain the true essence of the plant they are derived from. In their natural habitat they provide intrinsic benefits to the plant, performing necessary functions such as assisting in pollination and protecting the plant from disease and predators, as well as providing the plant with its distinctive smell.
doTERRA Essential Oils
Throughout history, many cultures have extracted these oils from plants and used them extensively in medicine, beauty, personal hygiene, food preparation and religious ceremony. In recent decades, with the revival of a more holistic approach to wellness, there has been a rapid expansion of research into the health benefits of pure essential oils and to their successful use by medical practitioners.

Why are dōTERRA essential oils the purest and most potent?

How an oil is extracted is of utmost importance to the purity and correct composition of the oil and hence its benefits. For optimum extract composition and efficacy, plants must be grown in the correct conditions and harvested at the precise time. The primary method of extraction of oils is via low-heat steam distillation, with a perfectly controlled balance of temperature and pressure which releases the pure oil from the plant. dōTERRA monitors the entire process from the growth of the plant to the oil extraction with their own team of experienced growers and distillers to ensure a premium quality product.

The stringent standard of CPTG ‘Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade’ essential oils set by dōTERRA using independent testing laboratories, which subjects them to rigorous mass spectrometry and gas chromatography, ensures they are the safest and purest and therefore most beneficial oils available. Unlike other products containing or purporting to be 100% pure essential oils, dōTERRA’s therapeutic grade oils are free of any contaminants such as pesticides and do not contain fillers or artificial chemical substitutes. They are purely the natural aromatic compounds extracted from the original plants and so their potency is undiluted.

How can I use CPTG essential oils?

Essential oils are usually administered by one of three methods: diffused aromatically, applied topically, or taken internally. They can be used as a single oil or in a blend of oils.

Many physiological and psychological pathways are stimulated by our sense of smell. Careful inhalation of an essential oil allows the oil molecules to enter the lungs and be absorbed into the bloodstream. As well as the therapeutic benefits, oils can be diffused to purify the air of unwanted smells and airborne pathogens. Essential oils are natural disinfectants and found in many cleaning products.

The molecular structure of these oils allows them to be easily absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin. They have an immediate benefit to the local area to which they are applied as well as having an internal benefit throughout the body. Most oils can be applied safely to the skin but some people may experience skin sensitivity and in these cases the oils can be diluted with a carrier oil. Essential oils are used extensively in massage and beauty therapy.

Most CPTG essential oils can be taken internally as a dietary supplement for health benefits. Many are noted for their powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is important to note that some oils cannot be taken internally so it is necessary to check the label. When ingesting, ensure to only use 100% CPTG essential oils.

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Are essential oils safe?

It is important to follow all label warnings and instructions when using essential oils. Do not take any internally unless they are labelled as dietary supplements.
  • Do not use CPTG essential oils in the eyes, ear canal, or in open wounds. If contact occurs, dilute with vegetable oil not water.
  • Discontinue using oils if you experience severe skin, stomach or respiratory irritation.
  • Always test skin sensitivity when applying to a child and do not apply to their hands as the oil may transfer to their eyes or mouth.
  • Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or under a doctor’s care before using any oils. Some are not suitable during pregnancy.
  • CPTG essential oils are both safe and beneficial when used with appropriate care.